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Using our versatile range of decor, we can provide decor for all manner of corporate events. From the most exciting, yet demanding product launches to entertaining some of the most discerning corporate and private clients, Rangeela Arts have provided bespoke decor solutions and added a touch of eastern glamour a plethora of corporate events.

Whether you're looking for setting of majestic opulence, a traditional Indian themed evening or even a fusion of the two, Rangeela Arts can create the perfect ambience to make a favourable impression on your clients and complement the rest of your hospitality efforts. Corporate clients that we have worked with in the past include GlaxoSmithKline, Sigma Pharmaceuticals, Jain Spirit, Imperial College, Oshwal Accountants Group, Lions Club, Nutricentre, Odessey, Will Impex, Shishikunj Uk, to name a few.